Consistent Orientation

SATec GmbH was founded by Wolfgang Hasenknopf and Thomas Roth in 1993.

The substantial structural and technical changes in the mechanical engineering industry in the 90`s has influenced our company significantly.
SATec GmbH focuses on the automation needs of our customers.

Innovative Solutions

SATec GmbH is a medium-sized company defined by clear structures, short decision-paths, solid financial management, as well as continuity and reliability in the management. We equally owe our success to the expertise, skill and commitment of our employees.

SATec´s goal is to continuously find innovative solutions for our customers while adhering to the high standards for plant reliability, competent consultancy, high quality products and service.

SATec`s success is due to a significant Strategy: 

We have been serving our customers for over two decades reliably, on schedule and with flexibility in a strongly perging market.

Our team of 40 work together on specialised projects in the automisation and armoury sector. We guarantee high quality service for a reasonable price, ensuring customer satisfaction.