We program your machine-controls. Included are control systems, sequence control chains and bus connections with PLC system.

You can profit from our wide experience with various control-systems and our cross-sectoral references. Our competent team ensure optimal functionality and schedule completion.

From control-planning to installation and activation of complex plants and machinery, we will support you with our know-how and experience.

We offer complete-solutions or integration of new components on existing machinery.

Our range of service:

  • Starting controls
  • PLC programming standard IEC 61131
  • Bus connections
  • Parametrization of frequency inverters
  • Programming, activation, and tests with PLC controls
  • Development, coding and activation of visualization and control systems
  • Briefings and training courses
  • Integration of camera systems

We supply PLC-programs for complete MSR facilities or control systems.

The assignment is discussed and analysed with the client prior to production. All functions are documented on a specifications sheet. Useful additions or enhancements may be suggested or recommended. 

After all functions have been determined, the program is developed. Clear presentation with the selected symbols and continuous documentation of hard and software are a priority.